If states use that method, they should at least adopt publicly

That’s a total of $120,000 over a four year term just by changing to using our own employees. I’m going to fix all those adverse findings and make sure they are not repeated. There is one thing that is certain, the county cannot continue on the same path it has under the current auditor.

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Alejo wants to prevent that with some proactive measures. About a dozen miles of the salinas river in south monterey county were cleaned last year. So if we know that rains are coming and our rivers aren’t being cleaned, we can tell what’s going to happen.

“They’ve been in it together for 10 years. So, there’s been a lot of continuity there,” 49ers defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil said about Brees and Saints coach Sean Payton. “There’s not too many things that they haven’t seen as an offensive staff and personnel wise with those guys.

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